Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Street Performers

In almost every city/town centre you are will see street performers. They are out in all weathers and some every day of the week, but have you ever taken the time to stand and listen to one? I'm guessing your answer is probably no. Don't worry, nearly everyone is going to be guilty of this if they actually think about it - me included.

"Just in case you are unaware, a busker or street performer is someone who performs on a busy street for the public and are generally rewarded with money but other things are sometimes given."
All it takes is stopping for a minute or two and listening to a street performer, you will hear the talent that some of them do have and they are defiantly worth a listen. One thing I love about buskers is the self confidence and bravery they have to go out and sing to complete strangers that are changing by the second. They go out and just do what they love and what they are passionate about. After all, this is what music is about and being accessible to everyone, it doesn't matter if that is performing, writing or just listening.
Many people think that buskers are going out and performing just for the money they may make. However, after to speaking to a few people who do this, this is really not the case at all. Many just want to perform to people and share their music with people - they do it purely because they love music. Some of the buskers who does receive money don't keep it for themselves either, they sometimes give it to charity.

So next time you see someone performing on the street and giving it their all, just stop and give them a listen, you could make their entire day.

Flame x

Music Snobs

Music snobs. We have all encountered them at some point. We have all probably being guilty of it ourselves.