Saturday, 12 July 2014

Album Review: X - Ed Sheeran

After a long 2 years, Ed Sheeran has finally released his new album. With his first album '+' (pronounced plus) being so absolutely amazing and a hard thing to follow, I was anxious to see how 'x' (pronounced multiply) would bare up in comparison.

I needn't have worried and the 2 year wait can defiantly be forgiven! This album completely ups the ante from his debut album and every song synthesises the catchy qualities of 'The A Team' and 'Lego House'. It has potential number one singles left, right and centre and it is easy to imagine each and every track being played in an arena full of people. Ed Sheeran also does what a lot of male artist don't - have an endless bag of tricks. It is so rare that you will find a transition from a Justin Timberlake inspired dance track such as 'Sing' to 'Don't', a soul like hymn. You also have 'The Man' where it is more rap based. All of this is done without it feeling forced and you sort of come to expect it while listening to the album.

One thing I love about listening to any Ed Sheeran song/album is that none of the tracks sound over produced and have a simplicity about them. This is achieved through acoustic sounds and careful piano keys, but you still get the larger sounds in too. One of my favourite tracks from the album is 'I'm a mess'. This song is beautiful even with a couple of odd lines ("put your faith in my stomach"??) In An interview, Ed Said he wrote this in a low point in his life, but it isn't all about depressing thoughts at all and saying that he still believes in love. I mean everyone knows they are a mess sometimes and this track is perfect to commiserate to.

Ed's voice is simply incredible and the whole album is so well written and each song is brilliant - you will defiantly have this on repeat!

All I can say is - Ed Sheeran, keep doing what you do!

Flame x

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